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  • Aussie Matt Whitehead on the first session of the trip, seemingly unfazed by the frigid waters.
  • Surfer Pat Millin tests out his Geoprene (limestone derived) prototype wetsuit on one of the first days of the expedition.
  • Pat Millin about to float over the camera.
  • Pat Millin punts an air and stretches his legs at one of the many pit stops along the Norwegian coastline.
  • "Whitmills" revisited. Pat Millin pioneered this spot in 2007 and, as the custom goes, named the place. While conditions weren't as favorable this time around, Pat still got to rekindle his relationship with this remote spot.
  • Christian Wach does a headstand. At only 19, Christian Wach has won noseriding contests all over the world. The subtle art form of balancing while gliding at the tip of a longboard is considered one of the most radical maneuvers possible.
  • Matt Whitehead hangs five on his fish on an elusive right point. With tidal shifts of more than 15 feet in the area, waves would only break at peak low tide. This session lasted about an hour before the tide filled in over the large boulders and the wave simply disappeared.
  • Christian Wach, water angle at "Whitmills."
  • Pat Millin didn't get to surf as much as he would have liked to on this particular journey. In between long road trips, plane rides, and waiting for stormy seas to subside, he let off some stored energy during this perfectly executed maneuver.
  • Matt Whitehead finds some shade from the midnight sun deep in the curl.
  • Pat Millin's patience is rewarded on the last day in the Arctic when an epic swell fills in and the crew scores the best waves of the entire trip.
  • Pat Millin gets another session.
  • Pat Millin on the last day of the trip.
  • Christian Wach balances on the tip of his longboard.
  • Pat Millin gets one last ride.
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