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  • Photo: Richard Dunwoody

    In the May issue of Outside, American cowboy Will Grant recounts his attempt to win the Mongol Derby, a 1,000-kilometer journey across the majestic grasslands of central Asia on the backs of the same ponies that carried Genghis Khan and his hordes to war. Take a look at a few snaps from his epic adventure.

    Above, author Will Grant tempts fate on the back of a notoriously prickly Mongolian pony.
  • Photo: Richard Dunwoody

    A Mongolian spectator follows along on his motor cycle in hopes of catching some more of the action.
  • Photo:

    Racer Ben de Rivaz, one of Will Grant's on-and-off companions during the race, takes a break and a swig.
  • Photo: Will Grant

    A herder and his son stop to watch the race.
  • Photo: Will Grant

    The author on day two of the Mongol Derby.
  • Photo: Will Grant

    The author is welcomed by the locals into a yurt for some food and a little arm wrestling.
  • Photo: Will Grant

    Ben de Rivaz, stops to read a map. The riders were given Google Maps print-out and were frequently frustrated by the lack of information.
  • Photo: Richard Dunwoody

    Racer Sam Wyborn walks along side his horse after a grueling day.
  • Photo: Richard Dunwoody

    Richie Killoran on Leg 2 of the Mongol Derby. Killoran would eventually finish 2nd.
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