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  • Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

    You need more than a good pair of shoes if you're going to log serious miles and enjoy yourself while doing it. Check out our favorite crucial gear for every road runner's kit.
  • Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

    Sugoi's Titan Ice Short Sleeve

    Of the umpteen ultralight shirts we tested this season, Sugoi’s supple, quick-wicking, and chafe-free Titan Ice Short Sleeve was our favorite. Its smooth, stretchy fabric always felt cool against skin. ($50)
  • Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

    Yurbuds' Inspire earphones

    Because of a hyper-grippy rubber cover and an ergonomic fit that locks into your ears with a twist, Yurbuds’ Inspire earphones stayed put no matter how hard we ran. Sound quality isn’t exactly Bose, but it’s good for the price. And we like that they come in four colors. ($30)
  • Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

    Salomon's Sense Hydro S-Lab

    Carrying a big bottle on a long run can be annoying. Salomon’s Sense Hydro S-Lab uses an adjustable elastic strap to keep an eight-ounce flask pressed snugly against your palm. ($40)
  • Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

    New Balance’s Hi-Viz Beacon windbreaker

    Everything is illuminated! Expose New Balance’s Hi-Viz Beacon windbreaker to bright light for ten minutes before your nightly run and the design accents will glow in the dark. ($175)
  • Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

    Fits’s Ultra Light Runner socks

    Fits’s Ultra Light Runner socks feel like they’re vacuum-sealed to your feet, thanks to thin merino wool and an exceptionally deep heel cup. They come in five sizes. ($16)
  • Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

    Roll Recovery R8

    It looks Sky Mallish, but the Roll Recovery R8 works like a charm. The spring-loaded skateboard wheels clamp down on knotted thigh and calf muscles, helping speed rehab. ($120)
  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Garmin Forerunner 10 Watch

    Finally, a GPS watch that keeps track of it all—pace, distance, and calories—with the push of a few buttons. ($130)
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