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  • Photo: Damien Rosso

    Run Your First Trail Race

    Trail racing can be a whole different beast. But not to worry, we’ve prepared this handy guide to get you through the wilderness.

    » Learn How to Prep for Your First Trail Race

  • Photo: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock

    Start Local

    Not sure if you should travel across the country to embarrass yourself in your first race? It might be best to start a little closer to home.

    » Learn How to Start Local

  • Photo: Blazej Lyjak/Shutterstock

    Study the Terrain

    Knowing the lay of the land can give you an edge over your opponent. Learn how to get familiar with the terrain and destroy your competition.

    » Learn How to Study the Terrain

  • Photo: Roberto Caucino/Shutterstock

    Dress Appropriately

    History’s greatest warriors would not be so foolish as to charge into battle without their armor, and neither would you. Prepare yourself for the elements or be defeated.

    » Learn How to Dress Appropriately

  • Photo: Joe Klune/Shutterstock


    In the heat of battle, even the sharpest warriors can forget to take a swig from their canteen. Failure to do so could cost a man the crown, or worse. Don’t be caught unprepared.

    » Learn How to Hydrate During Your Trail Race

  • Photo: ian-taylor-photography/Flickr

    Run in the Heat

    The secret to performing in hot weather? Have a really cold one.

    » Learn How to Run in the Heat

  • Photo: Juriah Mosin/Shutterstock

    Prepare for an Altitude Race at Sea Level

    At just 5,000 feet above sea level, the body makes physiological changes to adapt to the lower concentration of oxygen in the air.

    » Learn How to Prepare for an Altitude Race at Sea Level

  • Photo: Damien Rosso Droz

    Plan for Your First Ultra

    Ellie Greenwood, winner of the 2012 ­Western States 100-mile Endurance Run, on balancing big miles with a day job.

    » Learn How to Plan for Your First Ultra

  • Photo: Jeff Moriarty/Flickr

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    Use Caffeine on Race Day

    Caffeine has long been recognized as a performance-enhancing drug. It’s been proven to increase endurance, decrease perceived effort, and increase oxygen uptake, all of which adds up to a maximum improvement in time trial performance of about 3.4 percent.

    » Learn How to Use Caffeine on Race Day

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