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  • Photo: Robert Maxwell

    Start Minimalist Running

    Minimalist running shoes are making a serious bid for the spot light. Is it right for you? The only way to find out is to try. Consult this guide for your first steps.

    » Learn How to Transition to Minimalist Running

  • Photo: Sura Nualpradid/Shutterstock

    Adjust Calorie Intake After a Marathon

    Several weeks ago I ran the marathon I've been training for since January, and now I've gained four pounds in the past six weeks. How can I keep the weight off?

    » Learn How to Adjust Calorie Intake After a Marathon

  • Photo: Jeff Moriarty/Flickr

    Use Caffeine on Race Day

    Caffeine has long been recognized as a performance-enhancing drug. It’s been proven to increase endurance, decrease perceived effort, and increase oxygen uptake, all of which adds up to a maximum improvement in time trial performance of about 3.4 percent.

    » Learn How to Use Caffeine on Race Day

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    Improve Your Time in the 40-Yard-Dash

    Remember when you ran to catch the school bus as a kid? The chase only lasted a few seconds, but you were still winded. That's the type of exercise almost nobody does as an adult, but if you want to improve your sprint time.

    » Learn How to Improve Your Time in the 40-Yard-Dash

  • Photo: jimmyharris/Flickr

    Avoid 5 Common Triathlon Mistakes

    As we approach race day, you should be progressing well and building the fitness to have a great day. Unfortunately, this is the period when I see so many triathletes make simple mistakes that extinguish the chance for a solid performance.

    » Learn How to Avoid 5 Common Triathlon Mistakes

  • Photo: kspindler/Flickr

    Run the NYC Marathon

    Going 26.2 miles is a great way to prove your grit—and there's no greater showcase than the world's biggest. Presenting a simple plan to get anyone off the couch and across the finish line.

    » Learn How to Run the NYC Marathon

  • Photo: Jan Rillich/Flickr

    Improve Your Running Speed

    Biomechanists have long known that there are two ways to improve running speed. Increase your stride length and increase your stride frequency.

    » Learn How to Improve Your Running Speed

  • Photo: Bob Parks

    Add Traction to Your Running Shoes

    There’s a cheaper way to add traction to a pair of shoes without buying Yaktrax, Kohtoola Microspikes, 32 North Stabilicers Sport, or any of the other popular accessories runners use to ply icy pavement.

    » Learn How to Add Traction to Your Running Shoes

  • Photo: Gts/Shutterstock

    Find Your Ideal Race Weight

    Weight is often a sensitive topic, particularly for athletes who feel that a few pounds are the only thing separating them from a podium finish.

    » Learn How to Find Your Ideal Race Weight

  • Photo: the_moment/Flickr

    Run Like the Wind

    Or the breeze, whatever. The three keys, according to Chris Carmichael, are a smooth stride, explosive power, and a strong torso.

    » Learn How to Run Like the Wind

  • Photo: Victah Sailor

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    Run Your Best Half-Marathon

    The marathon’s little brother has been bumper-sticker branded 13.1. The distance is half that of a marathon, but that doesn’t mean running one is half the achievement.

    » Learn How to Run Your Best Half-Marathon