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    Do the Crow Pose

    Increase your hip flexibility and take your upper body and core strength to the next level.

    » Learn How to Practice Crow Pose

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    Loosen Up a Tight IT Band

    Your iliotibial (IT) band is a long tissue that attaches at your knee and to a muscle called the tensor fascia latae (TFL) on your hip.

    » Learn How to Loosen Up a Tight IT Band

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    Improve Ankle Stability

    "What can I do to help improve the strength and stability in my ankles? I have been an avid hiker for over 14 years and have never had a problem with stability, regardless of the footwear worn. But a couple of years ago I noticed that my ankles felt weak and would twist far too easily, even on moderately uneven terrain. I've tried using footwear geared towards providing more stability but it seems to have a minimal impact on the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated."

    » Learn How to Improve Strength and Stability In Your Ankles

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    Get Stronger Feet for Barefoot Running

    Advocates of barefoot running argue it’s the way evolution wants us to run—and they’re right. However, this ignores the fact that we spend the majority of our lives locked into regular shoes.

    » Learn How to Get Stronger Feet for Barefoot Running

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    Ease Sore Hamstrings

    "Lately my hamstrings are sore. Do you have any suggestions to ease my sore hstrings so I can keep running?"

    » Learn How to Ease Sore Hamstrings

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    Use CrossFit to Train for a Marathon

    "I've read about CrossFit adherents who have run marathons using just the exercise program's strength and conditioning regimen. Can I really train for a race using CrossFit alone?"

    » Learn How to Use Crossfit In Training

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    Find Your Ideal Race Weight

    Weight is often a sensitive topic, particularly for athletes who feel that a few pounds are the only thing separating them from a podium finish.

    » Learn How to Find Your Ideal Race Weight

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    Prepare Your Body For Minimalist Running

    WEIGHTED-SOCK SWINGS: Loop a long sock with a one-to-two-pound weight between your big toe and other toes, then wrap the rest around your foot. Sit on an elevated surface and raise and lower your foot as much as you can, as if you’re stepping on and off a gas pedal. Then swing the sock through a wide pendulum. Do ten reps of each exercise twice, then switch to the other foot.

    » Learn How to Prepare Your Body for Minimalist Running

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    Train for Endurance at Sea

    First, recognize what you have. Are there stairs on the ship? Do you have some exercise equipment? Is there a track around the outside of the ship? Take a look around to see what's available.

    » Learn How to Train for Endurance at Sea

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