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  • Photo: Lijuan Guo/Shutterstock

    Start a Fire

    While it isn't the sexiest fire, the one you are going to build the most exists somewhere between Tom Hanks' victorious first spark in Castaway and a lighter fuel-soaked stack of pallets. Learning how to start a fire without a match is a valuable survival skill, but it's not one that can be taught in a few hundred words. We suggest practicing that middle ground—the one-match fire.

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  • Photo: Courtesy of Stirling Hart

    Swing an Axe

    Have the center of your pelvis lined up with your nose, lined up with the axe, lined up with what you're hitting—on the same plane. Focus your breath. Just like throwing a punch, exhale with the swing and breathe through it when you connect.

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  • Photo: Catalin Petolea/Shutterstock

    Split Firewood

    Head speed is everything. Get it moving fast and true and it'll do the work for you: Grip the handle at the base; Slide your dominant hand up the shaft as you raise the maul, down it during the swing; and, as they say in baseball, swing through your target. And no sandals. .

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  • Photo: kenny1/Shutterstock

    Build a Solar Water Heater

    Cut your heating bill and give a boost to the environment by building your own solar water heating system.

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  • Photo: Valerie Johnson/Shutterstock

    Clean a Deer

    With an estimated 30 million deer in the United States alone, and the ever increasing emphasis on locavore eating ethics, it's time you traded in that Patagonia catalogue for Cabela’s and started learning how to provide on a whole new level.

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  • Photo: Alita Bobrov

    Grow Your Own Vegetables

    Not because it's sustainable but because what you grow tastes better than anything from the grocery store. The key is intensity: lots of nutrients, sun, heat, and water.

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  • Photo: Zoom Team/Shutterstock

    Make Your Own Grill

    Combine a 55-gallon drum and shopping cart to make the ultimate grill.

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  • Photo: cell105/Flickr

    Fix a Motorcycle - With Your Teeth

    Pop! That's the sound of trouble on two wheels. If your clutch cable snaps, you can find yourself stranded a long way from home, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  • Photo: melystu/Flickr

    Next Up:How-Tos for the Outdoor Gourmand

    Start Flintknapping

    lintknapping, the practice of creating arrowheads and other primitive tools out of stone, has experienced a tremendous influx of students over the past ten years, but the skills haven't changed.

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