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  • Photo: Tom Reichner/Shutterstock

    Tell if Wild Game Has the Plague

    First, pay attention to state-issued warnings, which are usually made public during spring and summer when plague outbreak is high.

    » Learn How to Tell if Wild Game Has the Plague

  • Photo: Helder Almeida/Shutterstock

    Take a Nap at Work

    First off, you'll need to rid yourself of the stereotype that naps are the routine of lazy people. In just about every possible way, an afternoon doze has been shown to boost performance and health.

    » Learn How to Take a Nap at Work

  • Photo: dotshock/Shutterstock

    Improve Your Lateral Speed for Defense in Basketball

    Start by activating your muscles with a proper dynamic warm-up. There's a lot of acceleration and deceleration needed so it's important to loosen your hips and groin first with movements like lateral squats and drop lunges.

    » Learn How to Improve Your Lateral Speed for Defense in Basketball

  • Photo: Everett Collection

    Pull Off a Mustache

    Phil Olsen, founder of BEARD TEAM USA, which competes in the biennial World Beard and Moustache Championships, says: "Don't shave at all for a few weeks. Allow the mustache to freely extend beyond the corners of your mouth. There will be a point when the hairs get in the way of food or drink—you'll have to deal with that."

    » Learn How to Pull Off a Mustache

  • Photo: melystu/Flickr

    Start Flintknapping

    lintknapping, the practice of creating arrowheads and other primitive tools out of stone, has experienced a tremendous influx of students over the past ten years, but the skills haven't changed.

    » Learn How to Start Flintknapping

  • Make Your Company More Environmentally Friendly

    Yvon Chouinard, owner and founder of Patagonia, one of Outside's 50 best places to work, knows a thing or two about doing good business. He shares with us some of what he's learned.

    » Learn How to Make Your Company More Environmentally Friendly

  • Photo: Everett Collection

    Be a Dancing King

    Samba in Brazil, waltz in Austria, Bollywood in India, tango in Argentina, swing in the U.S., polka in Germany, reggae in Jamaica, hip-hop in Kenya, mambo in Cuba ... The world is your dance floor; be not afraid.

    » Learn How to Be a Dancing King

  • Photo: Douglas Whitfield/Flickr

    Get Picked for Pickup Hoops

    Basketball at the park may do just fine without refs, but that doesn't mean there are no rules.

    » Learn How to Get Picked for Pickup Hoops

  • Photo: Dmitry Melnikov/Shutterstock

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    Fake a Sick Day

    Brilliant tactics from Paul Lieberstein, a.k.a. Toby Flenderson, the human-resources dude on NBC's The Office.

    » Learn How to Fake a Sick Day

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