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  • Photo: Jeremy M. Lange

    Without sight since age 13, Weihenmayer has climbed Everest, jumped out of airplanes, and mountain-biked Leadville. In the August issue of Outside, Tracy Ross follows Weihenmayer as he prepares for his next adventure, a solo kayak journey down the Grand Canyon.

    To get ready for his trip, Weihenmayer has been practicing his moves in the artificial rapids of Charlotte's U.S. National Whitewater Center. Here are some of the best snaps from his training sessions.
  • Photo: Jeremy M. Lange

    Weihenmayer takes the shoulder of his river guide and trainer Rob Raker after completing the morning's whitewater training.
  • Photo: Jeremy M. Lange

    Suiting up for another training session at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.
  • Photo: Jeremy M. Lange

    Erik Weihenmayer, center, and Rob Raker test radios that will be necessary for him to be able to attempt the big whitewater runs he has planned. The pair has had trouble locating radios that could take the abuse and constant immersion of river running.
  • Photo: Jeremy M. Lange

    Weihenmayer takes a spill and goes under after heading through a rapid.
  • Photo: Jeremy M. Lange

    Weihenmayer pauses for a moment before once again plunging into the artificial rapids.
  • Photo: Andy Maser

    Paddling the Grand Canyon's Hermit Rapid during a reonnaissance trip last spring.
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