• Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Outside: Is Rebeccah always faster?
    Laurel: Well, I took third in Chicago in August, and Bec placed fifth. But I didn't beat her fair and square, because she had a foot injury. (Picture: Laurel on left, Rebecca on Right)
  • Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Rebeccah: She passed me on the bike, and that never used to happen. She's taken minutes off her bike times since last year, so that makes me think I'll have to work a lot harder to keep my edge.
  • Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Outside: So it's fair to say you're competitive with each other?
    Laurel: Only in training. There was a workout last week where it came down to an all-out sprint finish.
  • Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Rebeccah: But we're not beating ourselves up over it. It helps to have somebody that you can yell at in practice, and afterwards, you're sisters again.
  • Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Outside: Laurel, when did you know you were ready to race again after cancer?
    Laurel: in 2006 I went to the championships to watch Bec. That was when I was like, OK, I can do this. I'm just as fast as these other athletes.
  • Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Outside: Seems like the comeback made you both faster?
    Rebeccah: If you look at my results, last year was my best year and that was the first year after we started training and racing together. We push each other. No one else knew I had an athletic twin, so it was a shock to a lot of people when they finally found out there were two of us.
  • Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Outside: Are two racers really better than one?
    Rebeccah: It's helpful to have the other one out there because we can five each other splits or tell each other how the competition is doing. Usually that's something only a coach can do.
  • Photo: Chloe Crespi

    Laurel: Bec always says something that gets me going right before we start, and no one else has that on the starting line. So I definitely think it's an advantage but not unfair.
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