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  • Photo: Courtesy of CEC

    75. Chesapeake Energy Corporation

    Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Number of Employees: 12,011

    Digs: With 35 Georgian-style-inspired buildings and 140 acres, CEC has the camaraderie of a college campus.

    Culture: The second-largest producer of natural gas in the U.S., CEC’s monster staff has plenty of energy of their own. Staff sports teams take advantage of the plethora of grass, and summer concerts in the park feature local bands and allow employees the chance to enjoy the summer weather..

    Giving Back: Chesapeake has the largest corporate mentoring program in Oklahoma. Now starting its 19th year, mentors meet weekly one-on-one with more than 500 students to help with homework and serve as positive role models.

    Sweet Perk: The epic fitness center offers about 100 classes per week, as well as a rock climbing wall, Pilates machines, cardio, indoor pool, steam rooms, and racquetball, basketball and sand volleyball courts.

    Hiring: Yes! Clerical/Administrative, HR, Finance, Accounting, Information Technology and Geoscience, Engineers, Field Hands, Truck Drivers and Machinists

  • Photo: Courtesy of RW

    74. Renter's Warehouse

    Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota

    Number of Employees: 72

    Digs: The 15,000-foot office has an in-house theater for presentations.

    Culture: In between golf leagues and catered lunches, employees at this property-management company make time to take care of the grunt work all over Minnesota.

    Giving Back: The company regularly donates to Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

    Sweet Perk: Quarterly contests for sales staff, such as most management deals sold or agent of the month, reward employees with gift cards up through $5,000 cash bonuses.

    Hiring: Yes! Leasing Agents, Maintenance Coordinator, Executive Assistant, Franchise Support Coordinator, Director of Marketing, Accounting

  • Photo: Courtesy of Coverity

    73. Coverity Inc.

    Location: San Francisco, California

    Number of Employees: 300

    Digs: Coverity’s modern offices are located in two buildings around the China Basin neighborhood, a quick jaunt from the waterfront and AT&T Park.

    Culture: Coverity’s computer scientists are experts at protecting businesses and brands from software failure. When they aren’t saving the world from impending technological crisis, employees enjoy local treats like free Giants tickets and bay cruises. Many work from abroad, clocking in from as far as India, New Zealand, and Australia.

    Giving Back: Coverity sends employees on sporadic volunteer trips, such as sending the entire Calgary R&D team to the town of High River in Alberta, Canada, to help clean up after the intense flooding there.

    Sweet Perk: The Coverity Learning Salon brings in notable outside speakers including, novelists, Broadway actors, and Hollywood director Jerry Zucker.

    Hiring: Yes! Development Team Lead, Solution Architects, Software Engineers, Regional Sales Managers, and more

  • Photo: Courtesy of Honey Stinger

    72. Honey Stinger

    Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

    Number of Employees: 42

    Digs: Race souvenirs, and signed jerseys line the cubicle walls of this mountain-town office.

    Culture: Employees test their honey-based energy products (most of which are organic) while running, mountain biking, or hiking minutes up the road on the local singletrack. Guests need to look sharp to avoid tripping on any stray skis, bikes, or dogs.

    Giving Back: Honey Stinger donates money to Routt County Riders, a chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association, and supports Partners in Routt County, a youth mentoring program that pairs adults with at-risk youths.

    Sweet Perk: Commuter points, earned by taking alternative transportation to work, can be swapped in for days off. Fifty commuter points equals one day of extra vacation.

    Hiring: No

  • Photo: Courtesy of Brooks

    71. Brooks Sports, Inc.

    Location: Seattle, Washington

    Number of Employees: 490

    Digs: While the new office is constructed for 2014, staff are parked up at “Camp Brooks” in Seattle’s U-District, an office building with Technicolor-painted walls and moose heads hanging over the lodge-style fireplace.

    Culture: Lovers of all running activities and gear, Brooks aims to keep customers running faster, longer, and happier with expertly-designed running shoes and gear. Brooks holds regular themed Friday Run parties (e.g. toga party, mustache dash) in the Spring and Summer.

    Giving Back: The Run B'Cause program lends support in the form of in-kind product donations and employee volunteer hours to charitable organizations and events that promote healthy living..

    Sweet Perk: Brooks' Passport Plus program challenges employees to complete at least three races and one volunteer event each year in order to win a fancy dinner for two at Seattle's Teatro Zinzanni

    Hiring: Yes! Learning & Development Manager, Senior Systems Analyst, Senior Footwear Designer, Apparel Productions Planer, Guru, and more

  • Photo: Courtesy of The Republic of Tea

    70. The Republic of Tea

    Location: Novato, California

    Number of Employees: 98

    Digs: The company’s office in a decommissioned Air Force hanger was designed with Feng Shui principles in mind.

    Culture: These purveyors of premium tea promote employee health and wellness through in-office yoga, designated walking breaks, and a staff nutritionist.

    Giving Back: Republic of Tea has donated over $1 million to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure to support breast cancer prevention and research.

    Sweet Perk: The company’s “Ministers” go on educational trips to tea suppliers and landmarks around the world.

    Hiring: Yes! Minister of Culture (Director of Human Resources), Minister of Financial Analysis (Financial Analyst/Accountant), Sales Promotion Coordinator for Té Tiempo (new Hispanic tea brand), Operations Manager

  • Photo: Courtesy of Horny Toad

    69. Horny Toad Activewear

    Location: Santa Barbara, California

    Number of Employees: 34

    Digs: This remodeled UC Santa Barbara building on the Riviera offers views of downtown and the Channel Islands.

    Culture: Much like the activewear they produce, the office environment at Hornytoad is casual, comfortable, and ready for adventure. Staff members put their sustainable threads through the wringer, wearing them during staff bike rides and in-office cook-offs.

    Giving Back: Horny Toad partners with the Planet Access Company, an organization that provides training and jobs for developmentally disabled adults. PAC crewmembers also get to enjoy outdoor excursions, paid for by PAC proceeds and grant money from Horny Toad.

    Sweet Perk: Monthly staff bonding excursions include organic cooking classes, stand up paddleboarding, and trips the zoo.

    Hiring: Yes! Wholesale Sales Specialist

  • Photo: Courtesy of QBP

    68. Quality Bicycle Products

    Location: Bloomington, Minnesota

    Number of Employees:672

    Digs: QBP’s epic central warehouse features an array of solar panels, enough bike parking for hundreds of employees, and a gently curving glass curtain wall that floods the facility with natural light.

    Culture: This massive wholesale distributor supplies bikes and bike parts for over 5,000 dealers, but the efficiency doesn’t stop there. The company composts 33% of waste, reused over 70% of the debris from the warehouse the new facility is built on, and in 2013 will attempt to map its entire carbon footprint.

    Giving Back: QBP helps Free Bikes 4 Kidz give away 5,000 bikes every holiday season to needy kids in the Twin Cities, in addition to providing process efficiency, bike mechanic labor, and enough bike parts to help refurbish their bikes.

    Sweet Perk: Instead of a typical sabbatical, long-time employees can take paid leave to promote bicycling by working with their non-profit of choice.

    Hiring: Yes! Vendor Sales Manager, Brand Sales Manager

  • Photo: Courtesy of Camelbak

    67. Camelbak

    Location: Petaluma, California

    Number of Employees: 135

    Digs: The office is located by a 165-acre wetlands park, which features a two-mile circular trail and a one-mile trail ideal for running, biking, or birding.

    Culture: Employees make time from designing the world’s most iconic hydration packs to stop at the snack station, take a spin on the company bikes, or take a stress management or meditation class through the Bak to Health wellness program.

    Giving Back: CamelBak associates donate their time annually to the Sonoma County Trails Council by maintaining and building trails in local and state parks.

    Sweet Perk: On CamelBak Vendor Day, health and fitness product and service vendors gather onsite, and employees can purchase gear at a discount.

    Hiring: Yes! Accounts Payable Specialist and Online Marketing Coordinator

  • Photo: Courtesy of Amersport

    66. Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor

    Location: Ogden, Utah

    Number of Employees: 125

    Digs: Originally a canning facility, the building was revitalized in 2006 and now houses the company offices as well as an auditorium with theater-style seating.

    Culture: The marketers behind big-name brands like Salomon, Atomic, and Suunto have sent product to 33 countries over the past six years. Employees use their discounts to outfit themselves for everything from the company’s annual ski day to 50K nordic ski races and polar bear plunges in the frozen Pineview Reservoir.

    Giving Back: Amer Sports financially supports local outdoor organizations that cater to young people with disabilities, such as the Youth Winter Sports Alliance.

    Sweet Perk: The company Wellness Focus Group helps team members improve their mental and physical well-being, most recently with an onsite health food store.

    Hiring: No

  • Photo: Courtesy of Deschutes

    65. Deschutes Brewery

    Location: Bend, Oregon

    Number of Employees: 418

    Digs: Brewery tour-goers and workers alike enjoy views of the winding Deschutes River and kick back in the “satellite office,” Deschutes’ local pub.

    Culture: This brewery gets its flavor inspirations from its surroundings, so its only right that the company celebrated its 25th anniversary with a bike ride from Black Butte to Mirror Pond. Last year, Deschutes supported music and their river namesake through Deschutes River Recordings, where brewery customers nominated river-themed songs and the brewery teams up with artists to pick a favorite to be performed and recorded on the banks of the river.

    Giving Back: Deschutes pledged to return one billion gallons of water—their main resource—to the Deschutes River each year.

    Sweet Perk: Staff spread the good word by working and attending beer festivals throughout the year, including The Great American Beer Festival.

    Hiring: Yes! Production Brewers, Sales Account Specialist

  • Photo: Courtesy of Siriusware

    64. Siriusware Inc.

    Location: Taos, New Mexico

    Number of Employees: 61

    Digs: This 200-year-old adobe retired clergy residence, just off of the historic Taos Plaza, contains five kiva fireplaces and a courtyard with fruit trees and flowers.

    Culture: As creators of ticketing and admissions systems for ski areas, amusement parks, and museums, the company makes sure staff get in on the fun. Annual kickball tournaments, a $250 healthy-activity stipend, and frequent mountain-bike trips lets staff members get their piece of the pie.

    Giving Back: Siriusware financially supports local nonprofits such as the Taos Community Auditorium, the Taos Youth Hockey Association, and the Field Institute of Taos.

    Sweet Perk: For the annual staff roundup, employees travel to Taos, New Mexico for a week of learning, team building, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and good food.

    Hiring: No

  • Photo: Courtesy of Namaste Solar

    63. Namaste Solar

    Location: Boulder and Denver, Colorado

    Number of Employees: 80

    Digs: The furniture in Namaste’s Gold LEED office is made from 95% recycled materials.

    Culture: The office’s zero-waste policy means that employees focus on composting or recycling materials, which makes sense for a company based around solar energy. Harmonious office relationships are highly valued, though the office’s “Fun Committee” does encourage pranks.

    Giving Back: Twenty percent of annual profits go back to the community via donations to local nonprofits or free solar systems and installation.

    Sweet Perk: Employees who earn industry licenses or certificates can see a bump in their paychecks.

    Hiring: Yes!Business Administrator, IT Systems Administrator, Director of Marketing and Communications, Director of Commercial Sales

  • Photo: Courtesy of SRG

    62. Sterling-Rice Group

    Location: Boulder, Colorado

    Number of Employees: 109

    Digs: The company’s Boulder office features a full kitchen, 360-degree views of the mountains, 3-D printing capabilities, and a courtyard that transforms into an ice rink in the winter.

    Culture: Marketing is notoriously demanding work, and Sterling-Rice tries to keep employee stress levels down with monthly yoga classes, Friday massages, and regular all-company recesses where the group provides a catered lunch, a variety of outdoor activities, and raffle prizes.

    Giving Back: Sterling-Rice provides pro bono services and cash to the Family Learning Center, Community Foundation, and Community Food Share.

    Sweet Perk: The culinary team regularly hosts events to discuss national and global food trends, bringing in examples from local bars & restaurants.

    Hiring: Yes! Copywriter, Senior Developer, Culinary Intern, Innovation Intern, Senior Art Director, Interactive Art Director, Managing Director/Relationship Leader, Creative Director, Relationship Managing Director (Contract Position-East Coast), Analytics Associate, Research Analyst, Marketing Manager

  • Photo: Courtesy of Hanson Dodge

    61. Hanson Dodge Creative

    Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Number of Employees: 59

    Digs: An open office in the heart of Milwaukee’s artsy Third Ward.

    Culture: Trusted by Trek, Ragnar Relay Series and Thule with their advertising needs, Hanson Dodge encourages employees to stay active on and off the clock with P90X workouts, yoga classes and company-sponsored sports teams.

    Giving Back: Milwaukee’s brand-new bike share has Hanson Dodge in part to thank: Staff put together an art show to sponsor the project, which launched this past summer.

    Sweet Perk: The company sponsors their own personal Ragnar run, open and free to all employees.

    Hiring: Yes! Account Executives, Interactive Designer, and Digital Marketing Manager

  • Photo: Courtesy of Groundspeak

    60. Groundspeak

    Location: Seattle, Washington

    Number of Employees: 72

    Digs: The glass doors of the lobby welcome geocaching enthusiasts from around the world who have come to find the headquarters' geocache, a literal treasure chest containing a logbook for enthusiasts to sign and trackables to take as souvenirs.

    Culture: The company behind the world’s largest outdoor treasure hunt is staffed by professional creators of fun. Employees enjoy free unlimited ski or snowboard tickets and, yes, frequent geocache outings.

    Giving Back: The company encourages employees to “Cache In Trash Out” and pick up litter while geocaching, often sponsors events that combine treasure hunting with trail maintenance and trash clean-up.

    Sweet Perk: Free catered lunches, bagel Fridays, and a fully-stocked kitchen keep everyone’s blood sugar at productive levels.

    Hiring: Yes! Senior Developer

  • Photo: Courtesy of Deckers

    59. Deckers Outdoor Corporation

    Location: Goleta, California

    Number of Employees: 1,254

    Digs: Coming soon: a brand new four-building campus with a 5,000-square foot rotunda, to be used for performances and lectures.

    Culture: Deckers’ in-house corporate-responsibility department directs the company’s environmental, human-rights, and community initiatives. The shoe-crazy marketers provide cruiser bikes and paddleboards for staffers who want to hit the beach for breaks.

    Giving Back: Employees can earn their charity of choice $1,000 by either volunteering 100 hours of their time, or buying a hybrid vehicle.

    Sweet Perk: Weekly massages

    Hiring: Yes! Global Marketing Director (UGG), National Sales Manager (UGG), Director of IT, Sr. Product Development Manager (UGG)

  • Photo: Courtesy of Infinite Energy

    58. Infinite Energy

    Location: Gainesville, Florida

    Number of Employees: 347

    Digs: A walking trail winds around the four main campus buildings, a stone’s throw from Gainesville’s Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.

    Culture: Friday Frenzy CrossFit-style classes have employees of this natural-gas and energy supplier flipping tires and hauling sledgehammers in neighboring Kanapaha Park. The rewards are sweet: Last year’s holiday party gave out $100,000 in prizes.

    Giving Back: The company’s designated Impact Team organizes and raises funds for groups to run and walk for charity throughout the year.

    Sweet Perk: The company sponsors employee ski and bike days.

    Hiring: Yes! Software Developer, Customer Service, IT

  • Photo: Courtesy of Smith Optics

    57. Smith Optics

    Location: Ketchum, Idaho

    Number of Employees: 74

    Digs: Windows encircle both the first and second floors of this three story building.

    Culture: Founded in 1965 by an orthodontist turned ski bum, Smith’s scientific approach to sports helmets, glasses and goggles have earned them a reputation for innovation. The gear room filled with kayaks, bikes and skis, and nearby Sun Valley Ski Resort, makes it easy for staff to stay connected to their core market.

    Giving Back: Smith supports athletes with disabilities through Higher Ground Sun Valley and Wounded Warriors.

    Sweet Perk: The company sponsors employee ski and bike days.

    Hiring: Yes! Demand Planner, Multimedia Planner, Consumer Services Representative (Clearfield, UT), Network/Systems Administrator, Web Developer

  • Photo: Courtesy of Mindbody

    56. Mindbody

    Location: San Luis Obispo, California

    Number of Employees: 643

    Digs: With the Santa Lucia Mountains just out the door, employees are known to take frequent lunchtime hikes.

    Culture: Staff growth, personal and professional, is encouraged at this business management software provider headquartered on California’s Central Coast. Employees attend in-office fitness classes, confidence building seminars, and nutrition workshops in between monthly back patio parties.

    Giving Back: Mindbody’s software, in use throughout the wellness industry, has a built-in option for customers to donate to a charity when they book their health, beauty, or fitness appointment.

    Sweet Perk: Employees get their veggies from Talley Farms Fresh Harvest CSA, which picks up weekly on-site.

    Hiring: Yes! UX Designer, Wellness Partner Account Manager, Executive Assistant, Sales Representatives, Customer Service Representatives, and more

  • Photo: Courtesy of Salt Communications

    55. Salt Communcations

    Location: Portland, Oregon

    Number of Employees: 31

    Digs: The Portland office is in the center of Jackson Tower and overlooks Pioneer Courthouse Square, also known as “Portland’s Living Room.”

    Culture: Frequent company meetings in Sun Valley re-energize the staff that make up this full service marketing and communications agency. In addition to professional improvement through leadership workshops, the company created Run Like a Mother, a program that coaches female employees (later expanded to the general public) to participate in 5Ks up to full marathons.

    Giving Back: Salt founded LEAP, a program to help disabled, distraught, or disadvantaged teens. This year, Salt Employees will mentor kids during five-day wilderness therapy programs.

    Sweet Perk: The company pays for friends and family of employees to take raft trips with company-owned outfitter Orange Torpedo Tours.

    Hiring: Yes! Media Relations Manager, Account Supervisor, Production Manager

  • Photo: Courtesy of NOLS

    54. NOLS

    Location: Lander, Wyoming

    Number of Employees: 194

    Digs: The 40,000-square-foot building is within 30 minutes of world-class limestone climbing and bouldering.

    Culture: As a world leader in outdoor education, NOLS staff share their passion for wilderness medicine, mountaineering, and more with students age 14 to 70. Here, employees are more likely to wear Chacos than dress shoes, which better prepares them for frequent post-work climbs or hikes.

    Giving Back: Employees worldwide volunteer for community service initiatives including walking dogs for the animal shelter, volunteering at food banks, libraries, and fire services.

    Sweet Perk: Staff have full access to the NOLS Rocky Mountain gear shed, which is chock-full of skis and camping equipment.

    Hiring: Yes! Marketing Representative, Professional Training Account Manager, Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus Facility Assistant, Patagonia Equipment Manager, Patagonia Assistant Director, Rocky Mountain Seasonal Logistics Assistant

  • Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

    53. Patagonia

    Location: Ventura, California

    Number of Employees: 761

    Digs: The company's LEED-certified headquarters features workout areas for yoga and Pilates classes, as well as a sand volleyball court and easy access to biking trails.

    Culture: Outdoor apparel maker Patagonia is famous for taking care of the environment—and its employees. Team members in Ventura can get organic meals at reduced prices in the company's cafe, and can take time off mid-day to surf or spend time with their families under the company's informal flexible work program.

    Giving Back: Over 45 tons of clothing have been recycled through the company's Common Threads program since 2005.

    Sweet Perk: Patagonia's tuition reimbursement program gives employees up to $500 per fiscal year to help cover their costs at an accredited school.

    Hiring: Yes! Creative Director, VP of Marketing, Product Quality Engineers

  • Photo: Courtesy of Zozi

    52. Zozi

    Location: San Francisco, California

    Number of Employees: 41

    Digs: Employees enjoy happy hour and cornhole on the company rooftop, just six blocks from the bay.

    Culture: Zozi’s trip masters partner with celebrity expert guides to spend their days planning adventures such as full-moon kayaking, vineyard touring by bike, or snowboarding Jackson Hole with X Games medalist Travis Rice. The company takes employee ideas seriously via its quarterly Creative Autonomy Days, where employees spend time working on any Zozi project outside their current priorities.

    Giving Back: 10% of profits get donated back to the local communities to help with food, clothing, and other initiatives.

    Sweet Perk: Upon hitting specified profitability targets, employees receive an all-expense paid vacation and access to the company ski house in Lake Tahoe.

    Hiring: Yes! Community and Customer Loyalty, Product Designer, Marketing Manager, Sales Account Executive, and more

  • Photo: Courtesy of the Clymb

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    51. The Clymb

    Location: Portland, Oregon

    Number of Employees: 110

    Digs: The lobby opens up to an open office space with high ceilings, skylights, and wooden pillars.

    Culture: As you might expect, this private outdoor sale network is staffed by serious gearheads. The company Gear Library is stocked with equipment that employees can check out for a week at a time to get outside, allowing them to take advantage of the neighboring Cascade Mountain Range, the Columbia River Gorge, and one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country.

    Giving Back: The Clymb raised money for cancer research by sending two teams to a ski relay at Mount Hood.

    Sweet Perk: This year The Clymb took 70 employees to Oahu for a one- week “work-ation” as a reward for hitting major goals, paying for activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and paddling.

    Hiring: Yes! Marketing Manager (Women’s Division), Assistant Buyer, Buyer/Vendor Manager, Email Marketing Coordinator