Who Needs Cristo?

Jun 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Summer My Way

"The Patagonia Houdini is my choice for bombproof summer gear: Biking, hiking, climbing, running, skiing, or as a backup in your car, it's the ultimate lightweight jacket for the minimalist who still wants to cover all her bases." —Leslie Ross, director of Babes in the Backcountry, a series of adventure workshops for women

Missed out on the saffron Gates? Head to Amarillo, Texas, where the public art is as large as the 72-ounce steaks dished up at I-40's Big Texan Steak Ranch. Natural-gas tycoon Stanley Marsh 3 started funding big art back in 1974 with Cadillac Ranch, ten vintage Caddies buried nose first in the Panhandle. Over the years he's painted a mesa blue; built Giant Phantom Soft Pool Table, a 180-by-90-foot patch of dyed-green grass with 42-inch canvas balls; and commissioned a pair of gigantic sawed-off legs in a field south of town. "Art is a legalized form of insanity," Marsh has said. "And I do it very well." Go crazy yourself scoping out Amarillo's thousands of Marsh-funded street signs, with slogans like I'LL BE RIGHT OUT MA! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! and LUBBOCK IS A GREASY SPOON! Summer here is frying-pan hot, so when yer bod heats up faster than a Texas cheerleader, dive into 6,251-acre Lake Meredith, 38 miles north of town on Texas 136. Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, 806-857-3151, www.nps.gov/lamr

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