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Dec 1, 2001
Outside Magazine

Heart rate, schmart rate. The FitSense running Speedometer ($200) gives you that and the one thing every runner is dying to know—speed. Drawing on technology originally developed for the military, a pod on your shoe records the motion of your feet and then sends the data to a wrist monitor. You get miles per hour, minutes per mile, total time, and average pace. It also sounds off with target-zone alarms, but you'll be too busy feeling like Steve Austin to notice. [ fitsense.com / 800-419-3667 ]

Tired of limbering up your quads with a towel? StretchRite ($25) is a sturdy nylon belt with loops at each end and patented polycarbonate handholds that supply leverage without rope burns. [ stretchrite.com / 877-787-3824 ]

Enervitine, the Italian-made maltodextrin-and-fructose-based carb supplement of choice for Tour de France riders, comes in a resealable foil pouch and serves up the same calories as its American competition (120 calories per 1.2-ounce package; $4). Because it's a liquid rather than a paste, it doesn't require a water chaser. Which would be a crime, since Enervitine tastes like Froot Loops. [ enervitamerica.com / 877-324-7448 ]

Graber Products recently purchased Power Tap and spent nine months ironing out the kinks on the only hub-based bicycling power monitor. Now waterproof and easier to find in stores, the $799 hub and receiver brings the training techniques of elite pro roadies to the people. [ power-tap.com / 800-783-7257 ]

The Litespeed Blade ($5,180) is to wind what a Stealth Fighter is to radar—not much. This velo whisper, crafted from impossibly aerodynamic titanium tubing, represents the state of the art for time-trial and triathlon riders. With its steep tube angles and big gearing, the Blade was designed to do one thing very well—accelerate. All you have to provide is the inner wattage to bring it up to cruising speed. [ litespeed.com / 423-238-5530 ]

With the Superfull ($450), Quintana Roo has turned out its fastest wetsuit ever. Speed-cut leg openings mean fewer peel-off face-plants, and Breakaway Zippers let you remove the suit either by pulling up or zipping down. The special "micelle" coating is six times as slippery in the water as bare skin, and variations in the thickness of the neoprene make you more buoyant in the legs and torso. [ rooworld.com / 800-548-6369 ]

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