Say It With Rope

A smattering of gear for that special climber in your life

Dec 1, 2001
Outside Magazine

The six-panel fleece Euroshag Hat Diggity ($24) by Horny Toad is soft on the noggin, and a roll brim keeps it nice and snug while you're kinking your neck on belay. [ / 800-865-8623 ]

At 10.2 millimeters, Mammut's Supersafe 50-meter dry rope ($200) is the skinniest rope on the market that passes the sharp-edge drop test. It also features a proprietary core treatment that reduces friction, allowing the rope to spread shocks evenly. [ / 802-985-5056 ]

PrAna's Hybrid Windblock Sweater ($110) melds the warmth of wool with the windproof properties of microfleece. The stylish yet technical combo lets moisture escape on the way up and corrals warmth when you stop on the summit to scarf down your energy-bar lunch. [ / 760-431-8015 ]

Here it is, a bona fide expert shoe for $100. No, really. Scarpa's Reflex has a pronounced downturned toe for gripping holds on overhanging routes, a split rand for better heel-hooking, and super-sticky rubber for enhanced edging. [ / 801-278-5533 ]

The Wind Shirt from Wild Things ($85) is made of Epic's "encapsulated" polyester (meaning each microfiber is sealed in a waterproofing agent). The skinny? It's a 5.4-ounce shirt that sheds rain like a tin roof and compresses to fit in a pocket. [ / 603-447-6907 ]

Gramicci's Return of the Classic climbing pants ($48) are a welcome throwback. Made from two-ply twill for durability, they're old-school and rugged. Hobnailed boots not included. [ / 800-814-5000 ]

Looking more like a syringe than a piece of protection, Splitter Gear's 2Cam ($52) has a narrow profile, thanks to two directly opposed cams (unlike traditional cams, which have three or four lobes offset along an axis). Squirt it into pin scars and cracks as shallow as a half-inch. Three sizes expand from 0.75 to 1.5 inches; all are rated to nine kilonewtons, which, if you've forgotten all your high-school physics, means it's strong enough to catch an AMC Gremlin on a 20-foot fall. [ / no phone ]

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