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Burn blockage comes in a host of forms, and each concoction is suited for different activities or needs. Here are some of the best, with tips on when, where, and how to use them.

Jun 1, 2005
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Mark Weins

Clockwise from top:
HIMAYA's SPORTS SUN PROTECTION (SPF 30) dries quickly when you rub it into your skin, leaving no residue; plus it exceeds the FDA's requirements for waterproof sunscreen—a boon to surfers, swimmers, and boaters. 6 oz, $15;

Not even a sweat bath can remove a smear of PRODERMA FACE STICK (SPF 30). Its waxy texture might take some getting used to, but swimmers and people who perspire heavily will reap big benefits from this thick sunblock. 0.5 oz, $6;

Skin protection shouldn't stop once you head indoors. A dollop of KISS MY FACE AFTER SUN ALOE SOOTHER, with its aloe vera, yucca glauca root, and jewelweed, will cool and moisturize sun-sore skin. 4 oz, $6;

SKINCEUTICALS SPORT UV DEFENSE (SPF 45) uses a translucent formulation of zinc oxide, so you won't look like you're wearing white paste. Best for daily protection. 3 oz, $34;

The 18.5 percent zinc-oxide formula used in OBAGI's NU-DERM PHYSICAL UV BLOCK (SPF 32) makes it the right choice for high-exposure spots like the face and for high-elevation activities that call for stronger protection. 2 oz, $38;

Cyclists and climbers who don't want to get their hands greasy should turn to KINESYS PERFORMANCE SUNSCREEN (SPF 30+), an alcohol- and oil-free spray packed with Parsol 1789 that goes on dry. Since you don't have to rub it in, it easily covers hard-to-reach spots. 4 oz, $14;

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