Dodge Durango

Jan 24, 2011
Outside Magazine
Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango    Photo: Photo courtesy Chrysler

THE SELL: A load-hauling SUV built for the 'burbs.
THE TEST: With seats for seven and lower ground clearance than with the Jeep Grand Cherokee (to improve on-road performance), the 5.7-liter, 360-hp V8-powered Durango rides on a tight sport suspension that floats over potholes and damps road noise. But nothing did more to sell me on the Durango's solid handling than effortlessly towing a 7,200-pound boat up a twisty dirt road in Sonoma at 30 mph—without white knuckles.
THE VERDICT: Best for weekend warriors more interested in hauling troops and toys than hardcore rock crawling. $35,535; 14 mpg city/20 hwy;

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