Power and Agility


Jan 18, 2007
Outside Magazine

Whether you're a mogul fiend or an NFL hopeful, you need quickness, and for that there's no better coach than Neal Pire, director of the Fair Lawn, New Jersey–based Parisi Speed School. Pire works on improving speed for clients like Fabian Washington, who clocked the fastest 40-yard time (4.25 seconds) at the 2005 NFL Combine and was then drafted in the first round. For this workout Pire focused on increasing the speed that comes in the form of agility and power. On a stretch of turf or grass, complete three circuits of the Step 1 exercises (1-7) in succession, concentrating on form; then follow with two fast, explosive cycles of the five Step 2 exercises (8-12).

1. Forward Skips: In an exaggerated skipping motion, drive your right knee up to 90 degrees while pumping your left arm up and your right arm back. Alternate sides. 20 yards

2. Prisoner Squats: Stand with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart and fingers interlocked behind your head. Squat to 90 degrees. 10 reps

3. Lateral Shuffle: Shuffle sideways with one foot always in contact with the ground and your entire body perpendicular to the direction of travel. 20 yards each direction

4. Alternating Lateral Lunges: Lunge wide to the left and crouch low with your left hip, then bring left foot back to starting position and lunge right. 10 reps

5. Carioca: Move laterally as quickly as possible, crossing and uncrossing your legs by placing one foot in front of, and then behind, the other. 20 yards each direction

6. Gate Swings: Start with feet less than shoulder width apart. Lower into a half squat and then hop, flaring both feet out to the sides, then bring them back together. 10 reps

7. Backward Cycle Run: In an exaggerated backward run, bring your heel to your butt and then fire the leg back as you jump off your opposite foot. 20 yards

8. Seated Hip Thrusts: Sit with your legs extended and hands next to hips, fingers pointed toward feet. Push your hips up so that you're in a reverse push-up position. 10 reps

9. Scissor Jumps: Start in a split squat position with your right leg and left arm back and your left leg and right arm forward. Jump while switching the arm/leg pairs. 5 reps

10. Tuck Jumps: Bend into a quarter squat with arms back, then immediately jump up, simultaneously swinging your arms forward and popping knees to your chest. 5 reps

11. Standing Broad Jumps. Start like you're doing a tuck jump, but jump forward while swinging your arms for momentum. Land in a quarter squat and repeat. 5 reps

12. Speed Skaters: Standing on your right foot with your left leg behind you, bend your right knee into a quarter squat and jump to the left. Repeat on opposite side. 5 reps

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