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The new road-warrior electronics embrace the adventurer's creed: Do more with less. From a pocket cinema to an MP3 watch, these ten ultra-portable gadgets let you get lost in style.

Mar 1, 2006
Outside Magazine
Apple iPod & Sonic Impact i-Fusion

Apple iPod & Sonic Impact i-Fusion

The Entertainer // Apple ipod and Sonic Impact i-Fusion
You'll never get stuck staring at an airplane tray table again with Apple's fifth-generation iPod, a multimedia powerhouse that can serve up next-day prime-time shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives for $1.99 each, plus music videos and more offerings from NBC, USA, and the Sci-Fi Channel, among others. The unit can store up to 150 hours of video, 15,000 songs, or 25,000 photos, and the picture on the 2.5-inch, 65,000-color screen is crystal-clear. The new iPod does all this while somehow being flatter and sleeker than its predecessor. It also has a new stopwatch feature, a multi-time-zone clock, and enhanced voice recording. For the ultimate road-worthy entertainment center, pair it with Sonic Impact's i-Fusion ($150; www.si5.com), a travel-tough speaker system that also syncs, recharges, and stows your player. Reality Check Already got an iPod with lots of cool accessories that attach to access ports on top? Be prepared to eBay some of those add-ons, because this iPod's only top port is for headphones. Buy It If You want video and photo capacity in Apple's easy-to-use music workhorse. 60GB, $399; 30GB, $299; www.apple.com

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