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May 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
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   Photo: Mark Wiens

(a) With its salt-resistant polyurethane strap, stainless-steel details, and edgy split-face design, FREESTYLE's MACK DADDY scores monster cred with the offshore crowd. The watch has a built-in alarm and, for competitive sailors, a countdown timer. ($75; 800-776-6449, www.freestyleusa.com) (b) Like its predecessors, NIKE's splashy new TRIAX V10 employs a display angled at 45 degrees for easier time checks. But this latest ticker also checks your ticker with a heart-rate monitor. If you start falling off your preprogrammed pace, your taskmaster will crack its virtual whip—bleeping at you to step it up. ($199; 800-806-6453, www.nike.com) (c) At 25 grams, the TIMEX IRONMAN SLEEK is the lightest Ironman ever, but it’s stuffed with features; it can measure fastest lap, average pace, and split times for up to 50 laps. ($48; 800-448-4639, www.timex.com)

(d) The SUUNTO T6 uses a new fitness formula to compute your "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption." Meaning it counts the milliseconds between heartbeats to measure your O2 deficit and fatigue, then tells you if you're exercising too hard—or wimping out. ($499; 800-543-9124, www.suunto.com) (e) The MIOSHAPE SELECT gathers accurate heart-rate data from your fingertips, not an annoying strap across your chest. ($159; 877-566-4636, www.gophysical.com) (f) The POLAR S720I tracks heart rate, calories burned, altitude, ambient temperature, and average and max beats per minute per lap. Taking a workout spin on your bike? The S720I gathers actual and average speed, plus total mileage, beamed from a wireless sensor on your wheel. ($320; 800-227-1314, www.polarusa.com)

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