I, Cyborg

With these intelligent devices, going digital is the fastest way to hotwire that great big analog world outside

May 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
digital gadgets, review, mp3 player, digital watch, pda

High Gear Summit

PLEASE ACCEPT our condolences. It's not your fault you were born in the middle of a digital renaissance. Impossibly cool and eminently useful devices—like, say, a hybrid MP3 player/digicam/PDA—are everywhere, stretching to the horizon like a glittering, 256-color ocean. Your only recourse? Embrace the tech—and all the great data it serves up. We're talking multitasking wrist-top computers, virtual coaches, digital jukeboxes, weather stations, a ramble-friendly phone, even a unit that'll help you eat healthier. So hoist that analog anchor and set sail. The digital world has never been so ripe for exploration.

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