Arrival of the Fittest

Call it trickle-up technology. In the past 30 years, adventure-centric products have moved from the margins to the mainstream. Here's drool-inducing proof that today's top manufacturers are on our side.

Sep 24, 2007
Outside Magazine
Nike iPod Sport Kit

   Photo: Photograph by Tim Gilman

Wearable Technology
Integration has been good for athletes. The trend started with iPod-ready jackets, encompassed heart-rate-monitoring shirts, and reached a category-defying milestone in this partnership between Nike and Apple. The Nike+ iPod Sport Kit ($29) puts a sensor in your shoe that communicates with a receiver in your Nano, seamlessly integrating music and coaching programs with real-time training data like mileage, pace, and calories burned. The kit first debuted with road-running shoes, but now you can ditch the pavement with the Nike Air Trail Pegasus+3 ($85), an all-purpose kick with a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

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