Crash and Return

You're gonna get hurt—count on it. Here are the new smart fixes for those inevitable breaks, tears, and strains.

Mar 1, 2006
Outside Magazine
Injury Recovery

COMMIT TO A SPORT and you've earned yourself a lifetime of fun and fitness. But if there's one downside to your high-intensity lifestyle, it's the potential injury looming behind every wipeout, twist, leap, or stride—the one that could put you in a La-Z-Boy for months.

That's where our fast-fix plan comes in. We've put together a three-prong approach that will help you beat back the majority of bad breaks (or sprains or tears) in your sport. First, we surveyed national sports-governing bodies, medical associations such as the American College of Sports Medicine, and sports labs across the country and zeroed in on the six most common injuries afflicting thousands of pro and recreational athletes engaged in skiing, running, bicycling, basketball, climbing, and kayaking, among others. Once we had our list, we sought out the top docs and trainers in the field to prescribe innovative healing strategies to cut your time on the disabled list. Then we rounded up advice on how to avoid the carnage in the first place.

Follow our guide and you'll keep charging hard for many years to come.

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