My Company: Richard Woolcott

Founder, Volcom, #48

Nineteen years ago, snowboarding brought the two worlds of surfing and skateboarding together. We saw that change coming, so we positioned ourselves for it. Today we're a bigger company, but we also have a responsibility to stay true to what the brand is about. Most of our executives surf, skate, and snowboard. Through the summer months, we have half-day Fridays so people can go enjoy the beach, and a lot of people take advantage of the company skate park at lunch. We offer yoga once a week. We have two houses at Pipeline, which employees can use for vacations. Our newest program, Volcom University, offers employee classes during work hours on everything from how to live a happier life to the basics of finance to learning how to snowboard. We take a very humble approach. I'd still be living in the same trailer on the beach near Laguna Beach today if the state hadn't torn down the park a few years ago.

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