My Company: Jeffrey Hollender

Co-founder, Seventh Generation, #9

There's a level of transparency in business today that never existed before—information about your company is controlled by your customers, your employees, and NGOs. That means you get an exponential reward by creating a lot of fans, and you get your butt kicked by pissing people off. How do you turn this into an advantage? By having a mission that's uplifting and that captures people's passion, and by giving your workers a sense of fulfillment based on the very nature of what they do. We try to follow a systemic approach. If you provide great health coverage but stress people out like crazy, who cares? So we spent a ton of money creating an office where every person can look out a window. And we forced everyone here to be an owner, because that's fundamentally different from being an employee. Two years ago, when we allowed people to sell some of their stock, it was transformative: They experienced the value of what they had created.

Hollender's latest book is The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win .

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