Marin Verona and Look 585 Optimum

Apr 9, 2008
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Marin Verona and Look 585 Optimum


PERFECT FOR: Everyday cyclists looking for a responsive bike that won't jar sensitive backs on long-haul training and club rides. WHY IT'S COOL: Though the Verona is made primarily from aluminum, the engineers at Marin have radically altered the shapes of the tubes to deliver vertical flex—to smooth out fatigue-inducing road chatter—while preserving aluminum's inherent stiffness in key areas for efficient energy transfer. With the carbon-fiber seatstays absorbing any remaining road buzz, this is about as smooth as an aluminum frame can get. BEFORE YOU BUY: The steering, while stable, is a bit sluggish, though it handles exceptionally well for this price range. $1,655; 18.9 lbs, 56cm;

Look 585 Optimum

PERFECT FOR: Elites who want to ride very fast—and very far—without feeling it. WHY IT'S COOL: A proprietary carbon-fiber technology delivers pro-level stiffness in the bottom bracket for maximum efficiency, while the wishbone shape of the seatstays provides plush vibration damping for comfort in the saddle. And at just 2.2 pounds, the frame can be built up as light as almost anything you'll see in the Tour de France, meaning it can, and should, be raced. BEFORE YOU BUY: Unless you're competing or out to crush your buddies on weekend rides, this might be more bike than you need. $2,699 (frame and fork); $6,000 as tested; 15.8 lbs, 55cm;

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