Ben Harper


Sep 28, 2007
Outside Magazine
Ben Harper

It's not that I try to make music about the outdoors. It's an organic process, which is why it makes sense. "With My Own Two Hands," "Excuse Me Mister"—when you comb it, it's there. But it's just a natural fit.

To the people who say "What the fuck is he doing on the cover of Outside magazine?" let me say this: First of all, I've got four kids. Four kids is an extreme sport, period. So let's get that straight.

I've jet-skied with Laird going on a 40-foot wave. Dave Kalama taught me how to tow-in surf. I've seen Kelly Slater compete. I flew with my oldest son to watch Lance Armstrong during his sixth Tour de France victory. These are my homeboys.

The outdoors was always just a huge part of my life. And, you know what, someone's got to be the soundtrack to all of this. It may as well be me.


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