Smith Mogul Sunglasses

May 20, 2009
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Smith Mogul Sunglasses

   Photo: Photograph by Shana Novak

Sporting no-name truck-stop eyewear? Please deposit them in the nearest circular file. Crappy sun specs shade your eyes but often lack full UV protection, so your pupils relax, open wide, and … suffer unnatural damage. Trust us: Buy well, and you'll find the investment both a pleasure to wear and a long-lasting piece of essential equipment. Especially if you buy glass. Though not suited for high-impact sports (crash! crack!), glass is unmatched in clarity and longevity. Fine shatterproof polycarbonates abound, and we've got 'em here, but glass is tops.

1. The Mogul's lightweight glass lenses mean zero eyestrain, a huge but unsung benefit of stellar optics. Plastic/polycarbonate's un­detectable distortion and surface imperfections make your eyes tired and cranky, and the surfaces sooner or later get all fuzzy from microabrasions. But, unless you take a diamond to it, glass is literally scratchproof. These'll last you.

2. A do-everything multisport tint, golden brown is suited to playing on dirt, water, rock, and snow, making depth seem deeper, adding edge and contrast. Yet it doesn't screw up natural colors. With polarization to nix blinding light and photochromic tinting to adapt to changing conditions, the Mogul delivered. Colors throbbed, details danced, and just looking became a little more fun.

3. The sporty-stylish frame wears lightly and rides close, offers uncompromised field of vision—i.e., full orbital and peripheral lines of sight—and protects your eyes from wind and airborne matter. Thanks to hydro­philic rubber on the temples and nose pads, sweat is no sweat; these things stick to you. And the sturdy build includes stainless-steel hinges. Bonus: prescription lenses available. $179

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