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Nov 16, 2010
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Isla Espiritu Santo

Off Isla Espiritu Santo

Off Salina Cruz

Off Salina Cruz

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca
This gritty port city of 71,000 features a behemoth oil refinery, a massive industrial harbor, and almost zero tourist infrastructure. It also offers access to the best uncrowded surf in Mexico. There are 15 breaks within two hours of town, most of them right-hand points with sandy bottoms. And the swell is a consistent four to six feet from April to October, occasionally peaking at 12 feet in June and July. (One of the longest tube rides in the world is 90 minutes north of town, at a break called Barra de la Cruz.) Navigate these waters on a six-day trip with Baja Surf Adventures. Your instructors are local surf experts; your base is the Wi-Fi-and-pool-equipped Posada del Mar, a four-room hotel 15 minutes by car from the nearest break. Don't expect a five-star resort vacation. Do expect good waves, safe travels, and local surfers who aren't yet jaded by tourists—a rarity in Mexico. Six days, $900 per person with a shared room;

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