Cameras to Fill a Room with a View

Professional-Grade Accessories, Pt. II

Jun 1, 2002
Outside Magazine

Everybody's photography benefits from the firm support of a tripod, particularly for dawn, dusk, and night shots that require slower shutter speeds. BOGEN's 3443D carbon-fiber tripod gives you both a solid base and a light load. It weighs 3.5 pounds, about two-thirds the heft of an aluminum tripod, and the carbon-fiber construction ensures that it'll survive, say, a fall off Half Dome—although at this price ($312), you may opt to follow it down. Add a 3437 magnesium head ($79) with a quick-release plate that stays attached to the camera and clips in seconds to the tripod. (201-818-9500, —D.G.

Leave it to GRAVIS, the stylish footwear and accessories spin-off of Burton Snowboards, to rethink the lowly camera case. Its Cell Blocks ($10-$20) come in three sizes and use lightweight compression-molded foam to protect anything from a cigarette-pack-size APS camera to a handheld digital camcorder, all in silver-colored cases that look like a leftover props from Woody Allen's Sleeper. Space-age bulbosity aside, these Blocks will make tossing costly electronics back and forth over a crevasse a little less stressful. (802-660-7900, —D.G.

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