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Jul 17, 2006
Outside Magazine

Shake off slothful companions and other motivation-sapping pitfalls with tips from fitness expert Michael Bracko

[1] DELAY DINNER: Business trip or vacation, there's usually a lull before the evening meal. If possible, push dinner back to at least 7 p.m. to extend this window of opportunity.

[2] GO STEALTH: Never tell anyone you're going to go exercise. "It makes them feel bad that they aren't doing the same," says Bracko. "They'll harangue you to have a drink at the bar instead. I tell people I need to go check my e-mail or make a call."

[3] IMPROVISE OBSTACLE COURSES: Holed up at a convention center? In most buildings you can go for a run after everyone leaves. It's safe, and you'll never miss a workout due to bad weather. Plus, with a maze of staircases, monstrous hallways, and random chairs to jump off or over, it's like a businessman's jungle gym.

[4] NEVER GIVE UP: If all else fails, do five minutes of squat thrusts/push-ups. Squat, plant your hands, kick legs back, do a push-up, return to squat position, and stand up.

Before you leave home, get a jump on your travel training with these top Web sites

» : Want company? Click on your destination to find weekly group runs starting from the front door at these specialty running stores.

» : Use this directory of gyms in and near terminals and you'll know to connect through Vegas instead of Denver—McCarran International has a 24-Hour Fitness directly upstairs from Terminal 1's baggage claim.

» : Download the Enroute Workout, a ten-step regimen for train or plane seat, to your digital audio player for $5.

» : This summer, Crunch Fitness offers free outdoor yoga near its metro gyms, in places like Central Park and Chicago's Oz Park.

» : Runners stock this site with their favorite routes, yielding 4,173 detailed runs in 3,164 towns worldwide.

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