Dec 1, 2005
Outside Magazine

Rip Curl's E-Bomb Wetsuit, PEntax's OptioWPI Digital Camera, Accent Paddles' Vision Series, and Sperry Top-Sider's Hydrofoil Sandals

a) Every square inch of Rip Curl's E-Bomb wetsuit is made with the company's exclusive E2 Superstretch Neoprene, so if you have flexibility issues, better take up yoga. $270; www.ripcurl.com b) Packing for Hawaii? Pentax, a pioneer in weatherproof digitals, has just released the OptioWPi, a six-megapixel model that lets you take pictures, and even video, as deep as five feet underwater. $350; www.pentax.com c) If you have the paddling chops to hit the local water with a head-turning blade, make it Accent Paddles' Vision Series, which uses a unique carbon-inlaid-fabric construction to deliver strength and style. $275; www.accentpaddles.com d) The soles of Sperry Top-Sider's Hydrofoil sandals may look as if someone squeezed two giant dollops of toothpaste onto them, but those blobs cushion the feet and grip the deck of a boat in even the wildest seas. $70; www.sperrytopsider.com

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From Outside Magazine, Dec 2005

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