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May 27, 2009
Outside Magazine
Beach Gear

   Photo: Photograph by Shana Novak

Alicia Carr, Assistant Editor

1. ARBOR POCKET ROCKET SKATEBOARD Quick, little, and easy to maneuver, with big fat longboard wheels so I don't feel chatter on Santa Fe's weathered roads. $130;

2. QUIKSILVER MAESTRO I like to rock this fedora when it's sunny out—which, in New Mexico, is almost always. $28;

3. BILLABONG PROJECT BLUE PLATINUM B9 A wetsuit made almost entirely from recycled polyester products, like fishing nets. Compression fabric around the knees keeps it from hindering movement. $450;

4. ZEAL TENACITY The polarized lenses block surface glare, and the partially recycled frames and price make me feel as good as these look. $100;

5. LAFUMA BEACH ELIPS My La-Z-Boy at the beach. Five settings (including completely flat) make for long, perfectly reclined naps. $80;

6. BURTON LIL BUDDY A cooler with a twofer: The built-in amp and speakers make it both icebox and icebreaker. $70;

7. O'NEILL HYPERFREAK BOARDSHORTS Chafe has no place in my world. Or my man's. These polyester-and-spandex shorts are seamless and über-stretchy, for extra mobility on the board. $75;

8. SANUK YOGI I always feel balanced in these spongy, EVA-soled sandals. Maybe that's because they're made from yoga-mat foam. $38;

9. PACIFICO 7 OZ I'm not really into warm beer. The mini size lets me keep more brew in the cooler for longer. Six-pack, $6;

10. SPORTCRAFT BEACH BOCCE Flat waves call for bocce. I use these because they're lighter than solid balls and come with a convenient (and stylish) carrying case. $15;

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