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May 27, 2009
Outside Magazine
Biking Gear

   Photo: Photograph by Shana Novak

Jeremy Spencer, Senior Editor

1. PASHLEY GUV'NOR It's the perfect gadabout bike: lugged steel, one speed, 28-inch wheels, and hand-built in Shakespeare's hometown. $1,600;

2. AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-ESW9A HEADPHONES These cans fold flat for travel and offer incredible sound and looks for the price. $550;

3. WOOLISTIC MOLTENI TEAM JERSEY Merino keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, plus this is a repro of the three-season jersey Eddy Merckx wore when he ruled cycling. 'Nuff said. $138;

4. SEALLINE URBAN BACKPACK My favorite go-anywhere waterproof hauler. $120;

5. WHAM-O HEAVYWEIGHT My buddies and I like to chuck the disc hard and far. Performance-wise, nothing beats this 200-gram flyer. $10;

6. GRAN PATRÓN BURDEOS Patrón's 100 percent agave añejo tequila is only 55 bucks. This triple-distilled iteration, racked in Bordeaux barrels before bottling, is not. But it's sooo good. $500;

7. OAKLEY FIVES SQUARED Affordable, lightweight, sporty sunglasses with primo lenses and great grip. $70;

8. BROOKS B17 IMPERIAL The leather B17 gets "updated" with an anatomical cutout Brooks patented in 1890. After 500 miles, I'm convinced it's the world's most comfortable bike saddle. $145;

9. VANS COJO I used to skate in Vans; now I ride around the corner for coffee in them. $65;

10. EDDIE BAUER COMMEMORATIVE WOOL BLANKET Inspired by the colors in a 1963 photo of Jim Whittaker atop Everest, it makes family picnics slightly more awesome. $169;

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