Fishing and Hunting Gear

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May 27, 2009
Outside Magazine
Fishing and Hunting Gear

   Photo: Photograph by Shana Novak

Grayson Schaffer, Senior Editor

1. COMPANION Danger, my 18-month-old UK chocolate Labrador from Oxford, Mississippi's Wildrose Kennels, is the best multisport partner I could ask for. Wait list for Danger's cousins: one year. $1,550;

2. ORVIS TOUGHCHEW DOG'S NEST Teaching your dog his place is easier if that place is as comfy as this high-loft bed. $110;

3. LOLL ADIRONDACK Unlike the wooden models, this recycled-high-density-plastic take on the classic summer chair holds its color and shape for a lifetime. $550;

4. CANON EOS 50D At six frames per second and 15 megapixels, this SLR wraps pro-level features into a compact, lightweight body that's priced for serious amateurs. $1,600;

5. BERETTA SV10 PERENNIA Grouse and dove seasons start in September. This over/under (shown in 12-gauge) pairs a state-of-the-art recoil-reduction system with fine machining, a slim profile, and oil-finished walnut. $3,650;

6. FILSON 5-LAYER STOCKING FOOT WADERS New-school breathability with an old-school aesthetic. Easy choice. $325;

7. ORVIS HELIOS For long, delicate casts with dry flies or manhandling weighted nymphs, I love the crisp action of this nine-foot, 2.4-ounce four-weight rod. $775;

8. BRUNTON PROFILE DUO A 10,000-BTU grill and 12,000-BTU burner in a compact steel case—perfect for our packed-boat river trips. $138;

9. FRYE BELTED HARNESS 12R Descendant of 1930s U.S. Army cavalry boots, it's as rugged as its predecessors and a helluva lot more comfortable. $228;

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