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May 26, 2009
Outside Magazine
Summer Shirts

1. Nautica's cotton Blue Striped Deck Shirt is perfect for Nantucket—or New York City. $60;

2. Eddie Bauer's Legend Wash Striped Field Polo is cut from an especially sturdy and soft cotton. $35;

3. A crisp, clean shirt like Polo by Ralph Lauren's Classic-Fit Button-Down is always a safe bet. $85;

4. Some guys can wear pink. And some can't. For the former, we recommend Izod's Short Sleeve Double Bar Polo. $50;

5. Levi's western-influenced, short-sleeve, poly-cotton Striped Shirt has a small graphic on the back that lends a touch of style. $42;

6. Too much neon is too much. But Quiksilver's eighties-inspired Chopping Block has just the right amount. $45;

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