The Skills You'll Need

Jan 1, 2006
Outside Magazine

Schedule ice time at your local rink and practice left and right turns, tight gliding turns, crossovers, skating backwards, and quick stops. Even if you never join a team, you'll benefit from the strength and balance training. In-line skating is great when ice isn't available.

Set up a goal in your driveway or basement and practice taking shots. Keep your top hand on the end of the stick and, for slap shots with maximum power, position your bottom hand halfway down the stick. For wrist shots, move your bottom hand up 12 to 16 inches from your top hand. Wear in-line skates when practicing at home.

Practice off the ice with a tennis ball or golf ball—either one will bounce all over the place like a puck made out of Flubber. Once you learn to control those balls, the puck will seem a lot more tame.

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