You Scrape Your Foot

Mar 11, 2010
Outside Magazine
Adventure Medicine


It's just a tiny cut from a coral reef—no big deal, right?
DEAL WITH IT: In the tropics or any place warm, little cuts, scrapes, and blisters can quickly get infected—especially on your feet. At best, that'll make it hard to walk anywhere; at worst, it will swell up, turn red, and start to ooze—and you'll need to find a doctor. Even if it seems like a minor injury, wash well with soap and water, coat liberally with antibiotic or antiseptic ointment, and keep a clean bandage on it.
AVOID IT: Don't walk around the beach or campsite barefoot, and for God's sake don't go traipsing through the jungle in your flip-flops. If you must wear sandals, at least wear a pair with toe and sidewall protection.

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