You Suspect You Have Malaria

Mar 11, 2010
Outside Magazine
Adventure Medicine


You were in the tropics, and now you feel like you have the flu.
DEAL WITH IT: There's no telltale sign that you have malaria, but if you've got an unexplained fever and chills and you've been to a high-risk area, just assume you do. Before your trip, work out with your doc a prescription and emergency plan for the area you're traveling to—meds vary by region, and it may be that a quadruple dose of your malaria prevention pill can cure the disease. Either way, rush to a clinic while you're still mobile.
AVOID IT: Take the right antimalarial for the country (see and use a proven insect repellent like permethrin or Ultrathon (, which contains 30–50 percent deet, on your clothes and/or bed net. Avoid repellents with 100 percent deet, which are more toxic and only marginally more effective.

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