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They say you have to have a goal. Whether it’s climbing Everest, sailing across the Atlantic, or just raising a happy, healthy family, it’s good to keep life exciting and the synapses firing. Here, see what some of the best and brightest in the world outside have to say about what they’d like to accomplish before it’s all said and done. And

Jan 1, 2006
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The Life List Top 50

Read Go Big in the January issue of Outside, now on stands, for tips on how to climb El Cap, sail across the Atlantic, and more.

When we tapped some of the biggest names in the world outside and asked them to break down their top ten things to do before they die, we didn't know what to expect. From altruistic ambitions to good old-fashioned values to the daunting and comical, we were surprised and inspired by how these individuals choose to live. Freeskier Ingrid Backstrom probably put her finger on it best when she sent us a disclaimer to her list saying "This list is in no particular order of importance, and is subject to change at any moment, depending what season of the year it is, how old I am, and my mood at the time."

Hey, with any luck, you're checking your list off as you go too, and adding more to-dos to take their place. That's what we call living&$151;no one wants to be in the same spot they were ten years ago. Check out item number five, (in no particular order) on Backstrom's list: "Stick a 360 and a back flip off a cliff (skiing)." Ultrarunner Dean Karnazes just finished running 350 miles nonstop but his number one goal is to "Raise a million dollars, for charity." Tommy Caldwell wants to write a book, Beth Rodden wants to improve her French, and Brad Ludden wants to teach an extreme sport to at least 1,000 young adults with cancer per year.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some inspiration here and share your own life lists in this exclusive online forum.

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