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Ingrid Backstrom

Jan 1, 2006
Outside Magazine
Ingrid Backstrom

Ingrid Backstrom   

One of freeskiing's most consistently- successful competitors, 27-year-old Ingrid Backstrom has an undeniably impressive track record—she's finished in the top three of 12 out of the 14 freeskiing competitions she's entered—and an equally exciting career as a "ski pornstar." Her performances in Matchstick Production's 2004 Yearbook and 2005's The Hit List have earned the humble Seattle native the unofficial title of reigning freeskiing "It" girl. With a fistful of freeskiing titles (five to be exact) and a well-earned reputation for tackling gnarly first descents with panache, Backstrom has become the ultimate reigning champion-cum-starlet. With this much success and this much ambition, even Backstrom knows that fitting every goal into a top ten list is almost impossible. In fact, she even provided us with this disclaimer:

****Disclaimer*****This list is in no particular order of importance, and is subject to change at any moment, depending what season of the year it is, how old I am, and my mood at the time, and is by no means meant to be a definitive list!

1. Climb and ski a first descent in the Himalaya.
2. Climb Mt. Rainier with my whole family.
3. Write a book.
4. Complete a (50-mile) ultramarathon.
5. Stick a 360 and a backflip off a cliff (skiing).
6. Live in the Alps for a year (or at least a winter).
7. Take my parents on a bike tour of New Zealand.
8. Hike the PCT all the way through.
9. Learn more about sustainability, and build a "green" house.
10. Inspire more people to enjoy and protect the world's mountains.

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