May 5, 2004
Outside Magazine
Bodyweight Squats Bodyweight Squats
1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Bodyweight Squats 2. As you squat down, raise your arms in front of your body to counterbalance your bodyweight. Stop lowering yourself when your thighs are parallel to the ground, then spring back upright.

Platform Lunges Platform Lunges
1. Standing on a four-inch-high platform, step out into a lunge as far as you are tall.

2. Spring back to the platform, and step out with the other leg to complete one rep.

Medicine-Ball Squats Medicine-Ball Squats
1. Stand a few feet from a partner and have him stand on a bench and drop a medicine ball from over his head to your chest.
Medicine-Ball Squats 2. Catch the ball with both hands and drop into a squat.
Medicine-Ball Squats 3. Now spring up and throw your partner the medicine ball as if your were making a basketball jump shot.

Medicine-Ball Lunges Medicine-Ball Lunges
1. Face away from your partner and have him toss the ball so you can catch it over your shoulder as you lunge forward.
Medicine-Ball Lunges 2. In one smooth motion, bring the ball around to the front of your body as you go down into a full lunge, untwisting your torso.
Medicine-Ball Lunges 3. Without stopping the motion, spring back up and toss the ball over the same shoulder back to your partner. Alternate legs and shoulders with each toss.

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