Adventure to Go

Like travel itself, the latest gear for the road is full of wild surprises

Oct 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

1 The 19-pound RITCHEY BREAKAWAY TRAVEL BIKE is the first packable full-size high-performance road rig. An ingenious coupling system unites the two-piece frame, and it breaks back down and fits inside its own light, airline-friendly case. $2,500; 800-748-2439,

LET'S SAY YOU'RE PLOTTING a first descent in Mozambique or a ramble in the Australian outback. You can expect a few unknown variables—like serious weather or aggressive, bird-size insects—which means you'll be in the market for equipment that can adapt on the fly. Thankfully, a host of manufacturers have whipped up clothing, luggage, and toys that will do just that. Dead ahead: river shoes that will handle Class IV froth and still look smart at dinner, an inflatable surfboard that packs down to fit into a neat little carry-on, and a waterproof notepad for recording your thoughts—even in the rain. How will you haul these fine new travel necessities? Stuff 'em into a mega-duffel or backpack like the ones found on the following pages and rest assured that the whole works can endure countless hours of ping-ponging inside a Soviet-era jetliner. But don't forget the cuts-and-scrapes med kit we've thrown into the mix—you need to survive, too.

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