Adventure to Go

Oct 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

   Photo: Clay Ellis

(9) The two-ounce SOG ACCESS CARD KNIFE doubles as a money clip or tucks into your wallet. Should the need arise, deploy the 2.7-inch locking blade—or the tweezers, screwdriver, and pick tucked inside the handle. ($40; 888-405-6433,

(10) Waterproof-breathable ripstop nylon and taped seams keep rain out of the ROYAL ROBBINS TRAVELITE JACKET, and the whole package morphs into a nifty travel pillow. ($100; 800-344-7277,

(11) The SWABPLUS 3-STEP FIRST AID KIT is smaller than a tin of breath mints. Snap the cotton swabs open to release medicine sealed inside. Half contain an antiseptic/anesthetic, the rest an iodine solution. ($5; 909-987-7898,

(12) With a roll-top closure, the EUREKA CILAOS BACKPACK almost doubles as a drybag. Fearlessly shoulder this 3,920-cubic-incher in a downpour. ($270; 800-572-8822,

(13) The crank-powered GRUNDIG FR200 EMERGENCY AM/FM/SHORTWAVE RADIO lets you stay in touch without worrying about dead D cells. Apply one minute of elbow grease for an hour's worth of BBC Worldwide. ($40; 800-872-2228,

(14) Protect your field notes by writing them on the NALGENE PLOYPAPER POCKET PAD. The polyethylene "paper" is nearly indestructible and also waterproof. ($12; 800-625-4327,

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