Friendly Confines

REI Roadster & Mountain Hardwear's Waypoint

Sep 1, 2004
Outside Magazine

THE ORGANIZER REI Roadster, $129
Field Notes: The Roadster's open floor plan appeased our inner neatniks better than any other solo shelter tested. Thanks to the foot-high corners, you can easily take stock and organize your gear stash. Meanwhile, big mesh windows invite views and ventilation. The three-pound-three-ounce tent is also tough: With fly attached and guy lines snugged, it can withstand relentless winds and even a light snowstorm. But: People taller than six feet will have to cram into this coupe. Contact: 800-426-4840,

THE SPACE MAKER Mountain Hardwear Waypoint 1, $195
Field Notes: With its voluptuous space-to-weight ratio—20 square feet of comfort weighing just two pounds three ounces—and puny size (it stuffs down to a parka-size bundle), the Waypoint 1 will appeal to sea kayakers, bike campers, and others with limited cargo space. This single-walled palace uses a parachute-thin, rain-shedding nylon to replace the rain fly and save bulk. But: Dirty boots have to go inside—unlike the other tents here, the Waypoint has no vestibule. Contact: 800-330-6800,

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