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Jan 6, 2001
Outside Magazine

The new Volo, designed by the Italian scuba maestros at Mares, is the Maserati of diving fins. The flipper's pivoting blades and channeled deck were designed to allow you to kick more efficiently than with traditional fins, which means you use less energy while ripping past your flailing friends. A slider catch lets you adjust strap tension with one finger, plus they're more stylish than a pair of Bruno Maglis. $200 (booties required); www.mares.com

Guide: Leishmaniasis, African trypanosomiasis—the world is full of nasty bugs. But The Rough Guide to Travel Health—a thorough country-by-country compendium of parasitic, viral, and bacterial beasties—may help you fend them off. $8; www.roughguides.com
CD-ROM: It took two summers of fieldwork to create The Colorado Trail, iGage's new CD-ROM atlas of the famed 487-mile route from Denver to Durango. Over 100 high-resolution maps--featuring 466,000 GPS-plotted trail points--make this the most accurate rendering of the CT ever. $40; www.igage.com
Gear: With nine hours of halogen light and a 12-hour backup LED, Black Diamond's new 8.5-ounce Spaceshot headlamp could save your bacon should your easy day hike unexpectedly morph into a pitch-black overnighter. $60; www.blackdiamondequipment.com

Video: You, too, can nail a wheelie drop. Or at least you can pull a graceful endo trying, having first studied West Coast Style-Mountain Biking, the first vid from Vancouver's West Coast School of Mountain Biking. Watch, rewind, repeat. $17; www.wcsmb.com

Guide: Surprisingly, over two-thirds of Japan is mountainous terrain, and Lonely Planet's Hiking in Japan will help get you out there into the (hopefully) Pokémon-free zone. Choose from 70 day hikes and backpacking trips in the island nation's unspoiled backcountry—including climbs in the Chubu region's South Alps. $20; www.lonelyplanet.com

CD: (not pictured) Get in the mood for your next exotic destination with Putumayo World Music's latest compilation, Gardens of Eden. This musical tribute to the last pristine places on earth includes upbeat selections from Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Tibet, and other Shangri-las. $16; www.putumayo.com

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