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Jan 10, 2001
Outside Magazine

The Swiss Army E-Motion 360-degree 20-inch Trek Pack Plus

Oakley A Frame

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Seeing is Believing
Gracing the first and only optically correct ski goggle, the lens of the OAKLEY A FRAME is formed on an ellipse—like Oakley's wraparound sunglass lenses—to eliminate distortion and maximize your range of peripheral vision. A frame riddled with ventilation holes ensures a fog-free ride, and three insulating layers of foam prevent facial frostbite. We guarantee you'll see better; whether you ski better is up to you.
$120 with Iridium lenses; 800-336-3994;
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Ortlieb Big-Zip

This expedition bag is the biggest, toughest waterproof duffel on the market. Secure it to your roof rack with D-rings. It's large enough for your pack, your food, and your mother-in-law.
$150; 800-649-1763;
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Backcountry Access Stash bc

This pack is large enough for all out-of-bounds essentials, small enough to stay on when riding the lifts in-bounds, and able to finally solve an infuriating cold-weather conundrum—an insulated sleeve inside the shoulder strap prevents your water-bladder hose from the dreaded dehydrating freeze.
$125; 800-670-8735;
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One Sharp Bag
The Swiss Army E-Motion 360-degree 20-inch Trek Pack Plus
looks stylish in the first-class overhead baggage compartment to Switzerland, but won't lose its wheels when accidentally checked to Swaziland (chalk it up to Swiss Army's 100-year-old penchant for craftsmanship). This rugged bag sports a spacious 4,050-cubic-inch interior, a handy detachable daypack, a full-swivel handle so you can cruise around corners without it toppling, and easy conversion from suitcase to backpack. At six pounds, eight ounces, it's light enough to shoulder without crippling you or a porter, as the case may be.
$325; 888-658-0717;
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Blundstone #500

Blundstone's weather-sealed, oil-stained leather is Aussie-built to withstand the rigors of the outback, but the Blundstone secret is comfort—sans laces, these sturdy boots slip on and off like your Sunday-morning slippers and keep your feet warm, dry, and hip-looking through city puddles or country snow.
$135; 603-763-4772;
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Smith Otis

These polarized-lensed shades are the preferred specs of Exum's mountain guides and Oahu's North Shore lifeguards, who spend all day dealing with the cornea-scorching glare of the sun. The Otis's skull-hugging shape keeps salt, grit, sand, fog, and dive-bombing insects out and keeps you focused on the task at hand.
$150; 208-726-4477;
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