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Jan 10, 2001
Outside Magazine

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"The Worst Journey in the World [by Apsley Cherry-Garrard] has always been my favorite—beautifully written, immensely moving, without a trace of melodrama or self-vaunting."
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For the open road:

  • The Charm of the Highway Strip
    The Magnetic Fields (Merge)
  • Double Nickels on the Dime
    Minutemen (SST)
  • More a Legend Than a Band
    The Flatlanders (Rounder)
To get lost by:
  • I Am the Cosmos
    Chris Bell (Ryko)
  • Astral Weeks
    Van Morrison (WEA/Warner Bros.)
  • Moon Safari
    Air (Source/Astralwerks)
To shake your rump to:
  • Felix Hernandez Presents Rhythm Revue
    Various Artists (TVT)
  • Ray of Light
    Madonna (Maverick/Warner Bros.)
  • You've Come a Long Way, Baby
    Fatboy Slim (Skint/Astralwerks)
To sip a cool drink by:
  • Millennium Tropicalia
    Various Artists (Mercury/Universal)
  • Getz/Gilberto
    Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto (Verve)
  • Feels Like the Third Time
    Freakwater (Thrill Jockey)
For sing-alongs:
  • De La Soul Is Dead
    De La Soul (Tommy Boy)
  • Tenacious D
    Tenacious D (Epic)
  • Paul's Boutique
    Beastie Boys (EMD/Capitol)
For coming home:
  • American Water
    Silver Jews (Drag City)
  • Eat a Peach
    The Allman Brothers Band (UNI/Mercury)
  • Harry Smith's Anthology: Volume 4, American Folk
    Various Artists (Revenant)

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"Forget about the hyped-up infomercials and diet plans," says Eric Harr, 29, elite triathlete and author of The Portable Personal Trainer. "If you're after a washboard stomach, try focused crunches." Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat. Use your abs to lift your upper torso six inches off the floor, and hold for ten seconds. Focus on using all of your ab muscles together. Rest for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat. Do one set of ten three times a week. "Add this crunch routine to three 40-minute sessions of aerobic activity a week," advises Harr. "It's all you need."
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The Ultimate Fitness Test
The oldest in the United States, the Boston Marathon still offers the running world's most coveted title. Making its way through Beantown's colonial neighborhoods since 1896, with fans lining the course five deep and then some, this race becomes legendary at mile 20, where the gradual but unrelenting Heartbreak Hill punishes its 15,000 runners. Just competing is grounds for a swelled head: Qualifying time for men between 18 and 34 for next year's race is a scorching three hours and ten minutes. Better start training.
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