Look the Part

If you're venturing to an unstable or potentially dangerous country, you'll want to pay closer attention to your wardrobe.

Jan 20, 2011
Outside Magazine
Blending In

Look the part

Some things are obvious: wear bland, low-key clothing, avoid expensive watches, and don't flaunt your gadgets. Others things, less so: if you have to load your fancy-looking luggage into the cargo hold—or, worse, throw it on top of the bus with the chickens—cover it with the same grain sacks/burlap bags the locals use. The trick is to mimic without mocking. Wearing a Yankees hat in Cuba (where they're everywhere) or an Adidas tracksuit in Venezuela (ditto)? Good move. Sashaying around Islamabad in a traditional shalwar kameez? Probably not. Just don't forget: manners always speak louder than garb.

"If you buy an Afghan scarf and act like an asshole," says Junger, "you're still an asshole."

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