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Sep 1, 2001
Outside Magazine

 • Once reserved for the genuine $5-per-delivery crowd, messenger bags have gone mainstream. But thanks to Timbuk2's custom bag service, yours can still stand out. Create your bag online, selecting colors, fabric, size, and features. We built our Commuter Bag ($112; shown in four color schemes, top photo center and top, bottom photo center and bottom) in Mogwai (aka medium) size, and included a removable divider in the main pouch.

 • More corporate-friendly, Ortlieb's Office Bag ($120; top photo, bottom) is a waterproof briefcase that can be carried or attached to a rack.

 • If you prefer that the beast, instead of the rider, carry the load consider Topeak's QUICK TRACK SUPER Trunk Bag and Rack ($99 also sold separately; bottom photo, top). The light aluminum rack clamps to a seatpost with a quick-release bracket and includes a bungee cord for securing payloads up to 20 pounds. The 1,300-cubic-inch bag mates to the rack and has room for lunch, clean office clothes, or a six-pack (it's insulated).

 • New from Kryptonite, the New York 3000 ($75; top photo, bottom) is the strongest U-lock going. Made from solid 5/8-inch-thick heat-treated steel, it weighs an imposing 3.7 pounds (great for swinging into the teeth of pursuing pit bulls). Its sheer bulk thwarts bolt cutters and saws, while the flat, grooved key makes picking or drilling the cylinder nearly impossible. It's so tough, in fact, it's guaranteed in Gotham (up to $3,000 for bike theft).

 • Die-hard racer types may find fenders nerdy, but arriving at work with a wet stripe of mud up your back won't exactly win points with your boss. The SKS X-3 X-tra Dry Rear Fender ($14; top photo, bottom right) clips to any seatpost in a New York second.

 • A mechanical breakdown is no excuse for missing the 9 a.m. staff meeting. Ritchey's CPR 14 tool ($25; bottom photo, in pouch) includes all the usual bike bits to get you out of a jam, like 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-mm hex wrenches, flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers, a chain breaker, and even a bottle opener for after work.

 • Specialized's PVO ($25; bottom photo, bottom) is a gizmo-free pump that fits only the presta valves found on better bikes. Forget your spare tube? There's a compartment with peel-and-stick patches.

 • The Fireballs Sport Light ($179; left photo, top) from Specialized uses swiveling dual eyeball beams for easy aiming. A water-bottle-style nicad battery pack powers the 6- and 12-watt bulbs.

 • With two battery packs that work in tandem with two separate dual headlight pods, Vistalite's Nightstick Code 20 ($185; bottom photo, bottom left) offers maximum flexibility: Use the complete 20-watt bulb and baton setup for pitch-black roads, or save weight and pare down to a single beam and battery for short hops around the block.

Where to Find It: Bell Sports, 800-776-5677,; Cannondale, 800-245-3872,; Giro, 800-776-5677,; Kryptonite, 800-729-5625,; LeMond, 800-313-8735,; Louis Garneau, 800-448-1984,; MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op), 800-663-2667,; Oakley, 800-336-3994,; Ortlieb, 800-649-1763,; Pearl Izumi, 800-328-8488,; Performance, 800-727-2453,; Ritchey, 800-748-2439,; Rudy Project, 888-860-7597,; Shimano, 800-423--2420,; Sidi, 800-991-0070,; SKS, 618-395-2400,; SmartWool, 800-550-9665,; Smith, 800-635-4401,; Specialized, 801-886-2453,; Sugoi, 604-875-0887,; Surly, 877-743-3191,; Timbuk2, 888-846-2852,; Topeak, 800-213-4561,; Vans, 800-826-7800,; VistaLite, 800-456-2355,; Zoic, 800-241-9327,

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