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Apr 26, 2004
Outside Magazine

REI Momentum Pullover $119
WHY IT RULES: The Momentum is exactly what it needs to be. Thanks to a slim, clean cut and spare styling, this piece will keep you comfortable on the crags as well as in the city. » The Schoeller Dryskin fabric functions by virtue of its construction: A tight, double weave of tough nylon on the outside bends back breezes, while a layer of CoolMax on the inside siphons moisture from your skin. It's our choice for chilly conditions where rain is a slim possibility. » REI added Polartec PowerStretch panels at the cuffs, along the sides, and under the arms to power up flexibility and breathability. » The CoolMax lining is soft against the skin, but its silhouette makes the Momentum a great underlayer, too. » It's so nice to see effective cuffs that aren't tarted up with gobs of extra fabric. » The chest pocket dips down below the zipper; your keys won't escape when you open it. Hmmm...The toggle on the collar cinch—a thoughtful feature to keep your neck toasty—requires two hands to operate.

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